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Welcome to the Wiki for the Chimera campaign where you’ll find all important and relevant information.

Read through the pages of this wiki to learn about the campaign and the world it takes place in. Some of the information may exceed the current knowledge of you character, however what your character actually knows in game will still be checked with the appropriate rolls. It would be strongly suggested though that players read the Rules and Game Mechanics sections. It would also be advisable to read about Lithenal to learn about the Kingdom in which this campaign takes place. For everything else start at the Contents page.

The Races & Species of the world, as well as those playable are also available to read. You’ll also be able to read about the Classes that appear and are available in the world. As well as all this will be information on Religions, Guilds, and Politics of the different provenances in Lithenal.

A lot of the information in this wiki will be updated as the game progresses, so always check back if there’s stuff you missed or need to check up on.

Main Page

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