Civil War of Lithernal

The 1st age of Lithenal cam to abrupt end with a civil war that engulfed the whole kingdom. It was fought between the ruler Moldark and those that opposed his dark rule. The war lasted for several years, but with only a few major battles out in the fields of Lithenal. This war would see an end to Moldarks rain and bring a more peaceful feeling to the kingdom. However, it also brought about a time where Lithenal would be leader less for many years. There are those that see this war as the freeing of Lithenal, but also those that see it as its damnation.

Pre-War Events

For anyone wishing to know and understand the war it is important to learn of the events that happened before war broke out. Had these events gone different it’s thought that maybe war could have been avoided. Of course in most cases it is more likely that they added to an already inevitable occurrence. However you choose to see, the events are still important and help to explain a lot of what happened during this dark time.

The first that should be mentioned would be Moldarks immortality. As anyone from Lithenal will know, Moldark was the founded and first ruler of our kingdom. Fear death and loosing everything which he had built he sought a way to live forever. Eventually he found what he was searching for and became the immortal ruler of Lithenal, claiming to rule until the end of time itself. It’s not known what the source of his immortality was but the rumours say it corrupted his heart and from then became a loveless ruler. His obsession with magic and power grew, and when he would once travel around kingdom all he know did was lock himself away in his tower of Magi. Over the many years that lived within the tower they say he found a new interest in the Northern Plains and began many journeys to the North.

After several hundred years the first real event would occur, Moldark began his invasion of the North. When he was still mortal Moldark never sought to expand his kingdom past his already established kingdom and didn’t see military operations as anything of interest. Now however, he ordered all cities to put men forward to go North and fight as part of the army of Lithenal. When this request was opposed Moldark used his powerful magic to make the lives of people unbearable, forcing them to comply. Eventually Moldark had his army and so started The War With The Northern Tribes. These tribes didn’t have the training and equipment Moldarks army had but stop them engaging Mooldark. Most of the northern tribes were wiped out but at the expense of the lives of many in Moldarks army. The tribes that escaped moved further North, and when Moldark felt them no longer worth dealing with he had a keep built within the Northern Plains. This brought about The Occupation of the Northern Plains.

For 500 years Moldark worked and ruled from his keep in the Northern Plains. The men that he had taken North with him were never seen again and he frequently sent for more. Those rose suspicions in Lithenal and eventually he was called to the Sapphire Hall in Danaris by Lady Ashryn. It’s not known what happened during their meeting it’s that the Lady had discovered Moldarks secret which forced to return North and Lady Ashryn denounced him as ruler.

War Begins

Following her denouncing of Moldark as ruler, Lady Ashryn also declared that the city of Danaris would fight for freedom from Moldarks tyranny. To begin with she gained very little support, Scarlet Fort, Thornbourn, and Osthaven all stated thay had not the strength to fight Moldark and would not get involved. The only initial support came from Nia where Dezzran proclaimed they would support the Ladys fight if they could find truth in her claim. As such he sent a small number of Blood Hunters to investigate Moldark and his actions in the North. It was close to a year before they reported back, and their reports spoke of Moldark creating an army of undead and was working with dark, foul magic. This was the information Dezzran needed to publicly declare his support for the Lady Ashryn. Following this Ser Daveris of Scarlet Fort was also convinced to join the fight and muster a force Bahamut to take North and fight.

Hearing of the rebellion that was stirring back in Lithenal, Moldark sent a unit of his undead to evaluate the seriousness of the situation. This unit was met by the army of Ser Daveris and Lady Ashryn who quite promptly saw to wiping them out. Moldark also attempted to send smaller skirmishing units which were picked off by Dezzrans Blood Hunters. These small battles continued through two seasons with the rebellion taking victory every time. Of course this doesn’t they didn’t take loses, during the course of the two seasons they suffered many loses to their ranks. This lead Lady Ashryn to seek a way to protect the lives of those fighting and bring more to bolster their ranks. For this she headed back South to Thorbourn to seak out Xenran Titanhammer, a dwarven smith said to create great living constructs. Upon finding him she was immediately turned down, being told that his work was to be used by anyone as they can only bring death and destruction. Lady Ashryn believed they could be used to a greater purpose in protecting the lives of those on the battlefield. Eventually Xenran and the people of Thornbourn were convinced to join the fight, but they only had a limited number of people they could supply. Xenran also could only pledge four of his rumoured constructs and they were solely to guard and protect Lady Ashryn. As this new force made its way north, Xenran instead made his was east to the mountains. He would not explain his reason but said he would return before the season was out.

Back north while this was happening Moldarks attack had become smaller and less frequent. Daveris’s men began work on defence and fortifications to prevent Moldarks army pushing south and to give themselves a stronger position. Dezzrans Blood Hunters meanwhile travled further north to investigate what Moldark mat have been up to and to hopefully take more small numbers of his army. It would seem though that while everyone was preoccupied taking the chance of the lack of attacks, Moldark was working on something else that he would soon put into motion.

Siege of Osthaven

While the rebellions forces were preoccupied with the north, Moldarks gaze looked further south. It’s said that he found away to use the ancient power of the tribal druids to find away into the south of Lithenal. No sooner had Lady Ashryn reached the northern boarder of Danaris, hoards of Moldarks undead came flooding out of the Thornbourn forest and stormed their way to Osthaven. The attack was so unexpected that the east gates of Osthaven fell within moments of the attack beginning and many of the clerics and paladins that stood in its defence lost their lives.This included the Grand Cleric Welford, that lead the defence, leaving the city in the hands of High Cleric Jullietta. Jullietta was young and not ready for such responsibility, leading to much of Osthaven being lost to the undead. A once holy land became corrupt and filled with death, and after just over week it looked like the city would fall. No one truly knows what happened at this point, but when the cities need was greatest Jullietta left the defences of the Temple of Helm and walked willingly to the undead. It was then that she unleashed a great burst of divine power, as if given to her by the gods themselves. This single burst wiped out all the undead in the vicinity of the temple and gave her the strength to rally the remaining clerics and paladins.

As the city slowly started being reclaimed Jullietta was able to send word to Lady Ashryn calling for aid. She received word back stating that the Lady was already on her way to Osthaven and was only a days ride away. Unfortunately it seem that this would be of little use as Moldark started pulling the undead back and retreated to the forest of Thorbourn. Eventually Lady Ashryn arrived and saw to aiding Jullietta in recovering from the heavy blow that had been dealt to them. Jullietta pledged to aid Lady Ashryn in this war and so it was that all five cities were united against Moldark. Unfortunately it was only days later that they received word that the undead had moved south and Thornbourn had been lost.

The Undead Invade

As the season of snow fall began things turned dark for the rebellion. Their success at Osthaven was followed by the lose of Thornbourn. Lady Ashryn believed that taking the capital may give them an advantage but it seemed Moldark was already a step ahead. No sooner had Thornbourn fell the undead turned north and made for Ran’ Thar. Moldark attacked his own home city and with no leader of its own it fell it his control giving him a place to command from within Lithenal. As more undead came of Thornbourn forest they made their way to Ran’ Thar where they would regroup and wait for Moldarks next command. Eventually enough undead had come through that Moldark was able to unleash them across Lithenal in wave that flooded the kingdom.

Of all the cities Scarlet Fort was the hardest hit. Lady Ashryn was still based at Osthaven given are larger number to defend with. The wizards and sorcerers of Danaris were able to use their magic in the defence of their city while also being aided by the small defensive force that had been stationed there. Nia was fortunate to have the main army that is in the north come to their aid as the attacks from the Northern Plains came to an end. Scarlet Fort however, had been left defenceless with only a few left to defend it. When the news came that the undead were marching on the city the people were evacuated to the eastern town of Vinguard while what fighters were left remained in hopes of defending the city. Unfortunately they were not enough and the city fell within days, the Scarlet Fort itself was destroyed and the city raised to the ground.

By now most of Lithenal was covered with undead, every city was facing an impossible number of the cursed creatures. When Ser Daveris heard of what had befallen his city he took what could be spared from the main army at Nia and made his was back south. He was unable to make it before the undead took the city and so had fight his way past his own gates to reclaim it. He managed to take the Military Quarter and from there move to take the rest High Quarter and then the rest of the city. However, what he didn’t know was that there was a second force of undead coming in from the west and soon he was under attack from both sides. All hoped seemed lost Daveris and Scarlet Fort when to the surprise of all an army of Dwarfs marched upon the city from the east. They stormed through the city, slaying the undead as they went and within the day the city had been reclaimed. At the head of this army was Xenran Titanhammer who had returned from the mountains to the east.

The Turning of the Tide

With the new support of the the Dwarfs Scarlet Fort was reclaimed and Ser Daveris was able to lead a retaliation strike against Moldark from the south. While Daveris marched north to strike the undead at Nia, Xenran lead the dwarves west to aid Lady Ashryn at Osthaven. Along the way they intercept a legion of undead travelling to Ran’ Thar from Thornbourn forest. A unit of Dwarfs separated from the main force and pushed south to confine the undead to the forest. The dwarves pushed all the way to the forest edge why they stopped and fortified themselves, preventing anything from leaving the forest and making its way north.

Over to the west, Xenran had arrived not a moment too soon as Lady Ashryn and High Cleric Jullietta were being pushed back into Osthaven, nearly bringing about a second siege. The undead were unable to fight on both fronts and so were defeated allowing the forces of Lady Ashryn and Xenran to group up. This meant the rebellion now had a formidable force in the south, but before pushing north to the capital they decided to head south. The three felt it would be best to remove the last of the undead from Thornbourn forest and regain the city itself. They joined the dwarves and the forests edge and pushed inward until they found where the undead were coming from. Within the forest they happened upon a portal in a tree, and from flowed a stream of undead from the Northern Plains. However, there wasn’t enough undead in the forsest to put up a sufficient fight and the tree was cut down, closing the portal. Without Moldark in the north the portal couldn’t be re-opened and so for the time being the rebels had bought themselves valuable time.

Meanwhile back in the north Daveris had reached and engaged the undead at Nia. The numbers here were much greater then down south which made the fight much harder, but eventually they made their way to the gap of the Snake Tongue and regrouped with the main army. The undead came from the forest to the west, the swamp to the east and from Ran’ Thar to the south, a fight on the three sides proved to be a hard one win. After two long weeks of fighting word reached Daveris and Dezzran that Moldark himself was leading another force out further east through the swamp to possible circle round and strike them from the north. Dezzran made the bold decision to pull men out of the main army defending Nia to head out and face Moldark before he could reach his goal. This means making a several day long trek northward and crossing the Snake Tongue. A journey that could prove to cost them dearly if Moldark attacked in stronger numbers then they had realised. As luck would have the force they engaged was much small then expected and Moldark himself had already fled. This meant they were able to wipe out the undead with little cost and then move to strike the eastern force of undead as they returned to Nia.

With the undead from east now dealt with the army at Nia could focus their strength much better against the remaining undead. While it still proved to be a difficult task the southern force of undead were finally pushed back, and eventually wiped out. No more came from Ran’ Thar and soon the western undead started to retreat. With it the end of the Sun Grace season came bringing the Harvest Season. News came from down south the Thornbourn had been liberated and everyone knew with Snow Fall being on the horizon that if the undead were to come in force the result could catastrophic. To everyone’s surprise however an attack never came and everyone had chance to recover.

The Final Confrontation

Snow Fall was close and the decision was made that Moldark wouldn’t attack there must be reason, and so the leaders of the rebellion chose to strike against him. Word had come Danaris that the undead there had retreated north and they would able to aid in the attack. So without delay three armies marched on the on Ran’ Thar from the North, West and South. As each army reached the city they were met by a swarm of undead, that put up little to no fight and the city was taken before the season changed. Moldark it seemed had already retreated back north to the Northern Plains. What he was planning they did not know but the five leaders took this time to regroup and recover. They planned to wait out the Snow Fall season and march north with all there strength in the spring.

However it would seem that Moldark had his own he plan he would put into motion before theirs. The scouts reported that a giant horde of undead was making its way south from the plains. This meant there was no time, Moldark meant to wipe them out while they were altogether. The armies engaged during half way through Snow Fall, just south of the Northern boarder. The fight was long and strenuous with both sides suffering heavy losses. It was in this fight that the 5 heroes finally engaged Moldark. There’s no records on what actually happened during this fight, but what is known is that Moldark was detroyed. His body wasn’t recovered from the battlefield, it’s said they burnt his body immediately to overcome his immortality. The moment he was defeated the hordes of undead dropped to ground lifeless. Many songs were song that day about a great victory and that Lithenal had finally been freed.

This text is a reprint for the Sapphire Hall. Those wishing to read more of my records can do at small price in my store. I’m on the south road of the inner wall district.

Civil War of Lithernal

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