Infiltrate Vinguard

Wrapping Up Business

In the now guild hall of Chimera, Gragus informed the rest of the group about what happened at the council meeting. While doing so they are paid a visit from Denaford Grey, who is a member of the city’s council. He told the group that he wasn’t happy with how Gragus was treated at the council meeting and came to apologize and form a better relationship. HE gave to them some extra information and details they may need for their journey into Vinguard and provides with a map of the town. Once he concluded his business and was on his way the party spent the next two days preparing.
Gragus paid another visit to Grimore’s Magical Mysteries and picked up his requested enchantment. XT-002 made his way to the Military Quarter and picked the extra armour he had requested. He also made an extra request of having an attachable penis made for himself but this request wasn’t so well received. Also in the Military Quarter Gragus made a trip to the see the bandits they had handed in upon their return to the city. Speaking with captain they turned over, Gragus failed to learn anything of great importance but did find there was only two ways in and out of the city and that his orders came from an unknown source higher up.
Laude continued his investigation into who it was that broke into the guild hall. After reconvening with his new rat “employee” he learned that a man running from the High Quarter was seen going into a shop called Boblings Treasure Chest. Laude order the rat and other rats to watch the shop and Low Quarter to see who came and went. Before leaving for Vinguard, Laude met with the rats once more and was told that the man seen entering hadn’t come back out but other people were seen going into the shop.

Inside Vinguard

Following a straight forward journey to Vinguard, the party reached the town within two days and decided to enter the town from the South, at the hope of avoiding the guard they had met before. Approaching the gate they found that one of the guards was one they had met before and he recognized them, or rather the bard Liddy, instantly. It didn’t take much persuading for him to let them into the town and he gave them directions to the one tavern in town. The group headed straight for the tavern, and while walking through town saw that it wasn’t the most welcoming of places.
The tavern was filled with bandits, all drinking and merry making. They were fortunate enough to find a place at the bar to grab a drink and a seat. It was here they came into contact with a Halfling named Ander Baggershot. Ander paid for the groups drinks and revealed to them that he knew about them prior to their arrival. He also seemed to have extensive knowledge of Vinguard and those inside it. While at the tavern the group were also able to pick out a man that had been described to Gragus by the captive bandit as his leader. They learned his name was Grundel and that he had hit rock bottom since none of his men had returned from the latest tasks they were set on.

Gragus and XT-002

Speaking with Ander, Gragus and XT-002 learned that the smith and armoury had been seized by a mercenary group called the Iron Men. These mercenaries had an issue with bandits in town as they had not been paying them what they were owed and so took the armoury as ransom. So the pair decided to pay a visit to the armoury to see if they couldn’t gain the possible support of the group. At the smith they came into contact with the Iron Men and their leader Grum-boll, and 7-8ft tall Goliath. He told them more about their hold over the smith and that if anyone has the coin they are willing to work. This lead to them being employed to ensure that the gates are open when the garrison from Daveris arrive.

Laude and Liddy

Laude and Liddy chose to tail Grundel to see if they could learn anything more about him. They followed him a group of derelict houses where it seemed he was living. They chose to go with direct contact and called at his little hovel in this run down house. Still suffering from being very drunk it was hard to talk to him, but after some good berry juice from Laude he soon sobered up and became almost a different person. He became more hostile and very reluctant to talk to the pair but after some persuading he let them into his hovel to show them what he was really like. Inside they found the body of a child that had been skinned, to which he boasted about doing in front of the child’s parents. The pair managed to hold their resolve and learned of his plans to fight at the city back on the next day. A deal was made that if they fought with him and won he would trust them to help him over throw the current leader in the city.
After they were finished with Grundel they left to find a bed for the night. They made their way to Tally’s Tits, the brothel in town. Here Laude was given the attic to sleep and Liddy was given a room on the proviso that she worked for the brothel over the night.



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