Infiltrate Vinguard

Wrapping Up Business

In the now guild hall of Chimera, Gragus informed the rest of the group about what happened at the council meeting. While doing so they are paid a visit from Denaford Grey, who is a member of the city’s council. He told the group that he wasn’t happy with how Gragus was treated at the council meeting and came to apologize and form a better relationship. HE gave to them some extra information and details they may need for their journey into Vinguard and provides with a map of the town. Once he concluded his business and was on his way the party spent the next two days preparing.
Gragus paid another visit to Grimore’s Magical Mysteries and picked up his requested enchantment. XT-002 made his way to the Military Quarter and picked the extra armour he had requested. He also made an extra request of having an attachable penis made for himself but this request wasn’t so well received. Also in the Military Quarter Gragus made a trip to the see the bandits they had handed in upon their return to the city. Speaking with captain they turned over, Gragus failed to learn anything of great importance but did find there was only two ways in and out of the city and that his orders came from an unknown source higher up.
Laude continued his investigation into who it was that broke into the guild hall. After reconvening with his new rat “employee” he learned that a man running from the High Quarter was seen going into a shop called Boblings Treasure Chest. Laude order the rat and other rats to watch the shop and Low Quarter to see who came and went. Before leaving for Vinguard, Laude met with the rats once more and was told that the man seen entering hadn’t come back out but other people were seen going into the shop.

Inside Vinguard

Following a straight forward journey to Vinguard, the party reached the town within two days and decided to enter the town from the South, at the hope of avoiding the guard they had met before. Approaching the gate they found that one of the guards was one they had met before and he recognized them, or rather the bard Liddy, instantly. It didn’t take much persuading for him to let them into the town and he gave them directions to the one tavern in town. The group headed straight for the tavern, and while walking through town saw that it wasn’t the most welcoming of places.
The tavern was filled with bandits, all drinking and merry making. They were fortunate enough to find a place at the bar to grab a drink and a seat. It was here they came into contact with a Halfling named Ander Baggershot. Ander paid for the groups drinks and revealed to them that he knew about them prior to their arrival. He also seemed to have extensive knowledge of Vinguard and those inside it. While at the tavern the group were also able to pick out a man that had been described to Gragus by the captive bandit as his leader. They learned his name was Grundel and that he had hit rock bottom since none of his men had returned from the latest tasks they were set on.

Gragus and XT-002

Speaking with Ander, Gragus and XT-002 learned that the smith and armoury had been seized by a mercenary group called the Iron Men. These mercenaries had an issue with bandits in town as they had not been paying them what they were owed and so took the armoury as ransom. So the pair decided to pay a visit to the armoury to see if they couldn’t gain the possible support of the group. At the smith they came into contact with the Iron Men and their leader Grum-boll, and 7-8ft tall Goliath. He told them more about their hold over the smith and that if anyone has the coin they are willing to work. This lead to them being employed to ensure that the gates are open when the garrison from Daveris arrive.

Laude and Liddy

Laude and Liddy chose to tail Grundel to see if they could learn anything more about him. They followed him a group of derelict houses where it seemed he was living. They chose to go with direct contact and called at his little hovel in this run down house. Still suffering from being very drunk it was hard to talk to him, but after some good berry juice from Laude he soon sobered up and became almost a different person. He became more hostile and very reluctant to talk to the pair but after some persuading he let them into his hovel to show them what he was really like. Inside they found the body of a child that had been skinned, to which he boasted about doing in front of the child’s parents. The pair managed to hold their resolve and learned of his plans to fight at the city back on the next day. A deal was made that if they fought with him and won he would trust them to help him over throw the current leader in the city.
After they were finished with Grundel they left to find a bed for the night. They made their way to Tally’s Tits, the brothel in town. Here Laude was given the attic to sleep and Liddy was given a room on the proviso that she worked for the brothel over the night.

A Bit Of Shopping

Renovations and Shopping

After receiving the Mansion from Fredrick Attenburg the group decided to turn it into a guild hall. For this to work though they realised that some work would need doing to the mansion to make it more suitable. To this end the Dwarf Paladin, Gragus, and XT-002 the Warforged went to take a look round the city to get some ideas of what it would cost them.
They started their search in the High Quarter of Daveris but that the district had nothing in the way of shops or forges and was mostly a residential area. So they moved onto the Military Quarter upon learning that that would be their best shot at finding a forge and smith. Here they did find a smith that told them that he would be happy to do some work for them but wasn’t to fond of the idea of another forge opening in High Quarter. He also mentioned that they had picked a bad time to start up as resources such as stone and iron have been dwindling recently.
Concluding their business in the Military Quarter they moved onto the Merchant Quarter in hopes of finding some other wears. They firstly stopped by the old market square but found little of interest there as most stalls were quite small and nothing special. After asking a guard for directions to a shop for enchantments they were directed to [Grimore’s Magical Mysteries | Grimore’s Magical Mysteries]]. A very fine establishment where they met Mary Hollyhead the store clerk and Grimore the owner. After a short conversation Gragus placed and order with Grimore and left to continue his business. XT-002, after giving Mary a little fright with it’s front compartment, saw to it’s own business in the shop and then continued with Gragus. The pair spent more time strolling around the Merchant Quarter looking for furniture for their new guild hall.
While talking to a stone cutter about getting some statues made they hear again about how stone is currently in short supply. The pair make their way to a depot they were told about that brings in stone and iron from Vinguard. Here they find out that Vinguard for the past year has been overrun with bandits and that no shipments of stone and iron have been able to make it out the town to the city. This caught their attention and decided to make their way back to High Quarter to catch up with others and in hopes of speaking with the City Council.

Break In and a Druids Quest

While walking through the park the pair come upon the groups Druid, Laude. Laude is told about Grimore’s and that he might find some enchantments their that are of interest him. Before they continue however, the Bard Liddy comes running up to them panicked and tells them that there had been a break in at the mansion. Hastily they return to see what had happened and find that someone had broken into what was Fredricks office towards the back of the mansion. The room had been torn apart by someone looking for something but it didn’t appear that anything had been taken.
Guards were informed of the situation and the group was told that a man dressed in tattered leathers had come through the High Quarter gateway recently which is unusual. However, they couldn’t figure out where he a fled to. To this end, Laude, decide to do a bit of investigating of his own and took to the skies as a griffon. While in the sky above the mansion he managed to speak with a pigeon that was flying by. This pigeon told him that a loud noise had spooked them from their nest near by and that upon flying away they did see what looked like a man that didn’t suit the area running off the the South East of the city but didn’t follow him. The pigeon said it was likely the man was headed for Low Quarter.
Laude took himself over to Low Quarter and decided on the idea of trying to catch a rat to hopefully gain some information. After the success of actually capturing a rat Laude began his questioning, but this unfortunately lead to very little as Low Quarter was filled with people like the one described. So Laude made this rat to do some investigating for him, telling him to search round the Low Quarter and find out what he can about a man that broke into a Mansion in the High Quarter. With this done Laude had sometime on his hands, so leaving his griffon form he headed to the Merchant Quarter to find Grimore’s.
At Grimore’s Laude met with Mary at the front desk who felt that, after hearing Laudes request, Grimore would be more suited to serve him. To define what sort of enchantment Laude was looking for he demonstrated his healing magic on Grimore who was very impressed with what he had seen and recommend just the right enchantment. After a bit more shopping Laude and Gilmore came to a agreement that for a slight discount Grimore would get a look at the herbs Laude grows for the potential of being supplied with herbs from the guild.. Once Laudes business had been completed he went on his way to the park where he awaits the rats return with information.

Meeting the Council

After reporting the break in to the guard, Gragus, and XT-002 decided to head over to the City Hall in hopes of speaking with the council about the break in and Fredricks business in the city. The Dwarf was granted to the Council Chamber but XT-002 was told to wait outside, not being permitted to enter. Within the Council Chamber the Dwarf met Ser Merrin, Denaford Grey, Sage Dorian, Lady Verena and Lord Endrill. Gragus asked about what Fredrick had been up to and who new about it. The council told him that apart from getting the rights to excavate the area nothing else was known by anyone outside the council. Gragus then moved on to ask about what would be done about the break in at their and he was assured by Ser Merrin that it would be looked into by the city guard.
Lastly he enquired about the short of stone and iron supply their seemed to be within the city. He was told again about the over taking of Vinguard and the before his entrance that they had been discussing the very matter. It was revealed to him that they were planning to send 100 men to attack the town in hopes of reclaiming it. However, this wouldn’t be so easy if the gates to the town weren’t open to them, and so an idea was put Gragus about whether his group could infiltrate the town and get the gates open in time for the attack.

The Tomb and Return

Inside the Tomb

Upon entering the Tomb of Daveris the party navigated their way through a series of floors fighting undead skeletons, Gelatinous Cubes and Minotaur’s. On the 4th floor they came into contact with the manifestation of a gold dragon. This dragon told them that it was summoned here by the power of Dragons Jewel bellow and that it would test them to see if they were worthy of progressing to the next floor to acquire it. After passing the dragons test of strength the party was permitted to continue to the 5th and final floor. Here they came into contact with a Warforged that, upon their arrival on the floor, activated. There was a brief scuffle with the Druid the Warforged was immobilized and they party was then introduced to Ser Daveris.
A Paladin of the party stepped up and confronted Ser Daveris about their reason for being here and explained why he felt they should take the Jewel. Ser Daveris explained how his power and life-force was waining, and that soon he would be unable to protect the Jewel but didn’t want to see it fall into evil hands. The Paladin explained that he would protect it from falling into evil hands and that it would be beneficial that they take it with them. Without uttering a word, Ser Daveris turned away from the party and seemed disappear into the air, seemingly implying that the Jewel could be taken.

The Journey Home

Once the Jewel had been acquired the party began their way back out of the tomb, taking the Warforged with them. All the above floors that had previous been laid out with traps and mazes had become clear halls allowing the party an easy way back to the entrance. Coming into the tomb entrance they found that there was a strong light from outside that looked to be a light of a fire. When investigated by the Druid they discovered that a group of bandits had captured a fellow party member, left to stand guard, the coach driver that had brought them here and burned them alive on the coach they had travelled in.
When negotiations failed a fight broke out that resulted in the apprehension of four the bandits while one was killed. The bandits were interrogated to find out when someone would be coming by to pick them up, and after finding out it wouldn’t be for another three days until a coach came back, they party decided to rest for the night and walk it back to the nearest town, Vinguard.
It was a three day walk to Vinguard, through out which they encountered no issues, but neither did they see the coach that was supposed to be coming back to collect the bandits. At the gates of the town the parties bard tried to talk their way into the town and revealed they had captured the bandits. This was met by laughter from the would be guards who revealed that inside would be whoever employed these bandits and suggested the party moved on if they didn’t want any trouble. The party took this advice and started the six day walk back to the City of Daveris.

Back in the City

As soon as the party returned to Daveris they handed over the bandits they had captured to the proper guards and made their way to the High Quarter and to the Temple of Helm. Entering the temple the party spoke with High Cleric Bernard who aasked about what happened at the tomb and if the excavation had been stopped. The party revealed about the removal of the Dragons Jewel but found when they came to hand it over it had been taken by Flower, the parties Halfing Monk. The party was instructed to track down Flower and retrieve the Jewel.
It was obvious that Flower had gone to see Fredrick Attenburg and so made their way to his mansion in the High Quarter. They made quite entrance, telling a bag boy to cease what he was doing and to enter the building, threatening him with punishment if he was to place one more bag onto the waiting carriage. Inside the mansion the party found Fredrick, Flower and Fredrick’s Teifling guard Damakos. Despite an aggressive entrance Fredrick listened to he party and was more then happy to accompany them back to the Temple of Helm to clear up the situation, knowing he had done no wrong as the city’s council had given him permission.
After returning to the temple an arrangement was agreed upon by the party, High Cleric Bernard and Fredrick Attenburg whereby, Fredrick would be allowed to take the Jewel with providing that two member of the temple selected by Bernard went with him. Once all this was agreed Fredrick handed over the parties reward of 10,000 gold and also his mansion in the High Quarter.

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